About of KMN Vietnam

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KMN Vietnam Company was founded by a team of years of experience in PRINTING and MARKING equipment. With the desire to bring to businesses in Vietnam the overall solution, modern technology through which contribute to bringing Vietnam’s economy to develop with countries in the region and the world.

We are a bridge between equipment manufacturers and buyers, creating a trusted partner network. Focus on developing one-touch solutions that help businesses optimize the production process.


Providing equipment for printing and marking products for factories in Vietnam with the world’s leading brand products. We are committed to putting our customers’ interests first through enthusiastic and friendly staff.


Become a leading provider of printing and marking equipment in Vietnam.

Core values:

“Balancing – Quality – Integrity – Community”

Balance: People are the foundation for the success of every business. KMN unites to create a proactive working environment and maintain a balance between work and healthy life for employees.

Quality: At KMN Vietnam, every action comes from the passion and continuous commitment to perfect quality in all products and services.

Righteousness: Integrity and business ethics are the foundation for all activities at KMN Vietnam. We aim to be fair, transparent and respectful between KMN Vietnam and its stakeholders

Community: KMN Vietnam not only focuses on business, but we are committed to becoming a socially and environmentally responsible business.

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